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SkyLink RCA

SkyLink DIN

The SkyLink series offered as RCA or DIN interconnect and delivers a remarkable sound quality.

AR Sound SkyLink interconnect include an anti resonant polymer within and outside the plugs.

The SkyLink DIN is a double version of the successful AR Sound Yellow 1 interconnect, while The

SkyLink RCA is a double version of the SkyLink DIN interconnect version; RCA plugs enables the use of a larger diameter of cable- a dedicated SkyLink for each channel.

The SkyLink RCA uses two shielded cables with floating screen configuration for signal and return .

The result is an outstanding low level resolution that enables the perception of even the most delicate nuances apparent in live music.

A dedicated return path improved the dynamic range to an unbelievable presentation of music.

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SkyLink RCA

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