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What we do

AR Sound designs, manufactures and provides Hi-end interconnects at a variety of terminations.

The unique aerospace grade cables offered through

A direct mail order from the designer.

We offer a personal approach that tailors the best

interconnect to the specific needs of the music lover.

AR Sound provides custom engineered solutions and special terminations as DIN interconnects.


Which cables do I need?

All interconnects at a glace:

Music reproduction incorporates a blend of art and science.

By using the highest available technologies while keeping devoted to the musical experience, we strive to deliver the full emotion of a live performance in order to connect you with the music.

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What's New?

Lunar RCA Review (April 2011 Issue)

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- The top of sonic performance available now with   the New Lunar Equilateral DIN interconnect

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"An excellent result for those wanting a big hearted, smooth yet punchy prospect."

- New GreenLink RCA interconnect with WBT-110Cu