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The Lunar, SkyLink, Yellow 1 and Green 1 are analog DIN interconnects for connecting source to an amplifier equipped with DIN sockets.

The GreenLink range offers RCA to DIN solutions and custom made DIN 4 and DIN 5 240 degree interconnects for Naim systems*.

The Lunar offers the top of the line RCA and DIN interconnects.

DIN interconnects

For a several years I searched for a suitable Hi-End  DIN interconnect cable which allow the delivery of the delicate signal from the source to the preamplifier, without altering the sound by adding or subtracting any part of the frequency range- something that most interconnects fail to do.

After a research that included materials testing and an extensive listening test to different configurations, I finally chose a group of cables specification that are normally used in the aerospace industries. These particularly cables sounded best and was perfectly balanced with the tested DIN equipped amplification gear.

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* AR Sound does not connected in any way to the Naim audio company.

AR Sound DIN interconnects deliver a unique listening experience and are offered as five series:






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