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The Green 1 DIN source interconnect was the first AR Sound  interconnect product.  The Green 1 offers a superb detail and sound quality at an affordable price without sacrificing the quality of the materials used.

Green 1 is the basic AR Sound source interconnect.

Green XLR interconnect use Green 1 pair as balanced configuration with XLR (Female to male) terminations.

The Green 4 interconnect deliver signal only with DIN 4 to DIN 4 or DIN 4 to XLR terminations.

The cable was designed for use in Naim Audio systems between the NAP Amplifier and power supply (Hi-Cap or other), as an upgrade from the SNAIC4 cable. Please look for the GreenLink 4 cable in cases were there is no external power supply In the system, OR for the GreenLink 4s  cable for best performance.

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Green 1

AR Sound | Green 1 page AR Sound | Green_XLR

Green 4

and Green 4s mono pair

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Green XLR balanced pair

Green 4 DIN-XLR

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