AR Sound SkyLink interconnect include an anti-resonant polymer within the DIN plugs and outside the DIN plugs. This special high visco-elasticity polymer provides an airborne vibrations isolation between the cable, the CD player (or other source used) and the pre-amp.  Another benefit of using this damping polymer is a reduction in the microphonicity of the DIN plug by controlling and lowering the resonance frequency of the plug.

What is microphonicity?:  Music played in the room vibrate the air and the interconnect, the vibrating cable transforms this energy into an electric signal that interferes with and distorts the original music signal  travelling from the music source to the amplifier. Lowering the distortion caused by a vibrating interconnect is overlooked by most manufacturers.

The visco-elastic polymer damp any resonance or ringing in the metal DIN plug and the cable, thus preventing it getting into and distorting the source music signal.

The result is better focus and resolution, with a more solid bass line and dynamic presentation.

The cable used to make this special interconnect was selected carefully from many top quality cables being used in the Aerospace industries.


The AR Sound SkyLink interconnect contains four 21 AWG silvered copper alloy conductors with Teflon (PTFE) insulation. each pair are separately screened and both pair are lapped together.

This means the SkyLink is a double version of the successful AR Sound Yellow 1 interconnect.

The SkyLink include a damping polymer treatment for the DIN plugs and use a unique configuration for the return path.

Following an extensive listening tests and design work, the best configuration has been expertly selected in order to achieve the high standard employed by the SkyLink interconnect; The SkyLink use of a double return path and an optimised screen connections for use with common amplifiers carrying DIN sockets.

The result is an outstanding noise floor and an extremely low level resolution that  enables the perception of even the most delicate nuances of live music. using a twin-cable configuration with a special care to the return path improved dynamic range to an unbelievable presentation of music.


The SkyLink use a low capacitance wire (110pF/meter). Low capacitance is an important factor in selecting a  proper interconnect. The main twisted pair conductors in the SkyLink are made of silvered copper alloy. Actually a pure Copper conductors are not inferior to silver conductors when new, The problem is that copper suffer from oxidation over time and plating the copper with silver done in order to slow down the deterioration of the copper wire. The silver content on the  conductors ensures for better bonding to the silver solder used to make this superb interconnect.

The interconnect insulation made from Teflon™ (PTFE), PTFE is the best insulation material used in the cables industry which has the lowest dielectric absorption.

Using Teflon™ (PTFE) as insulation is a prime consideration in Hi-End interconnects. Teflon maintains an extremely low capacitance and high resistance between the internal leads respectively, which keeps the interaction between channels to a minimum.

The low dielectric absorption of Teflon allows locating the main conductors in the SkyLink cable in a very tight configuration which renders the cable a very high bandwidth cable while maintaining a low capacitance.

Yet another benefit is that Teflon also bonds very tightly to the metal conductors and prevents the oxidation of the metal over the years. It is only the high cost of Teflon (PTFE) cables which leads manufactures to choose inferior plastics, such as PVC, for insulation.

Teflon is also highly durable and can withstand extreme temperatures variations and mechanical pressure conditions without any risk of deterioration. actually you can put the SkyLink in the oven at 170 Celsius degrees and nothing will happen to the lead! - except to the rubber gourmet of the DIN connector.

Usually Teflon wires tend to have relatively long "Burn in" period, so it takes about  120 hours for the cable to sound at it best. The SkyLink is offered with few hours of initial burn in period but will need more time to show his best character.

The PREH DIN connector contacts are made of silver plated brass and this ensures a perfect metal bonding in the solder joint between the silvered copper wire of the SkyLink, the silver plated connector pin and the silver Solder.

The PREH DIN plugs are filled with a special anti resonant polymer, selected carefully after listening tests to many damping polymers. The anti resonant polymer acts as a barrier to reduce the airborne conduction noise from the cable to the connected equipment. The polymer also helps with dampening the plug's resonances and ringing reduction.

The SkyLink is directional interconnect: The source side is marked with the logo "AR Sound SkyLink"

Sound Quality

The basic sound character of the SkyLink is similar to the the successful Yellow 1, while the former have "more of the same qualities" in most aspects. The SkyLink exhibits a better dynamic range, an improved low level resolution, fuller presentation of mid-bass region and deeper bass.

The first thing you will notice is vast of details you have missed before.  It's as though a curtain over the music has been removed.

The music details you will hear will flow effortlessly, in a natural manner, without any emphasis in the upper-mid frequencies like many "detailed" interconnects do.

It allows for a clean, very fast and solid bass region, free from distortion or time smears.

Superb sounding midrange frequencies and "sweet" vocals enable the listener to hear the correct phrasing and intonation.

The high frequencies are crystal clear, natural and glare free, while brass instruments sounds become devoid of the harsh metallic sound common in many other interconnects.

Woodwind instruments are presented with the correct tonal balance and timbre, showing the genuine sound texture of the wood.

The SkyLink exhibits a correct sound stage and depth which enables the ear to perceive the spatial information of voices and instruments in the orchestra.

AR Sound  SkyLink

Hi-end Din interconnect

Technical specifications:

75/100 Centimetres of two Shielded twisted pairs - each one contains two 22AWG silvered copper alloy stranded wires.

primary conductors Insulation:  1/16" PTFE.

Shield:  silver plated OFC copper.

Resistance (primary conductors):  49 milliohms/meter (16 milliohms/feet).

Resistance (return path):  ~ 8 milliohms/meter (2.5 milliohms/feet).

Capacitance:  125 pf/meter max (Hot to screen per single wire). 90 pf/meter max (between conductors).

Outside Diameter: 6.1 mm

External Jacket: Fiberglas Polyurethane impregnated external sleeve over FEP jacket.

External colour: Blue.



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