Green 4 :  Hi-end DIN4 to XLR (or DIN4-DIN4)

Signal Only interconnect for Naim audio amplifiers.

      The AR Sound GREEN 4 with the Anti-Resonant plug delivers remarkable sound quality with

      Naim Audio equipment. The GREEN 4 connects Naim power supply to any Naim power amplifier

       This interconnect is a perfect choice for Naim users who want to upgrade the DIN 4

      signal interconnect and already have Super-Cap / Hi-Cap or Flat-Cap

* Pictures displayed above is showing the DIN4 - XLR version

 * GREEN 4 Does not intended for use in Naim Audio systems where the NAP feeds the pre-amp -when

    no Hi-Cap is used- In these cases the GreenLink 4 (Signal & power interconnect) should be used.

AR Sound GREEN 4 interconnects include an anti-resonant polymer within the DIN plug- a High visco-elasticity polymer that provides airborne vibration isolation between the cable, the Super-Cap (or other Cap used) and the power-amp, Yet another benefit by using this damping polymer is a reduction in the microphonics of the plug.

What is microphonicity?:  Music played in the room produces vibrations in the air and the interconnect, and the vibrating cable transforms this energy into an electric signal that interferes with and distorts the original music signal travelling from the music source to the amplifier. Lowering the distortion caused by a vibrating interconnect is overlooked by most manufacturers.

The visco-elastic polymer fills the internal air gap between the cable and the metal body of the GREEN 4 DIN plug, damping any resonance or ringing in the metal plug and the cable, thus preventing it getting into and distorting the source music signal.

The result is better focus and resolution, with a more solid bass line and dynamic presentation.

The cable used to make this special interconnect was selected carefully from many top quality cables being used in the aerospace industries.

Please do not try to alter the length of the GREEN 4 interconnect- the length of this cable is determined for a proper electrical requirements and for best sound- the cable connecting the Hi-CAP to the NAP must have a certain capacitance for best performance.


For a several years I searched for a suitable Hi-End interconnect cable which allow the delivery of the delicate signal from the source to the preamplifier, without altering the sound by adding or subtracting any part of the frequency range– something that most interconnects fail to do.

Following a research that included materials testing and an extensive listening tests to different configurations, I finally chose a group of cables specification that are normally used in the aerospace industries. These particularly cables sounded best and and also have a superb durability that enable to maintain their sonic aspects for many years.

The first AR Sound  interconnect product was the GREEN 1 source lead.  The GREEN 1 interconnect offer a grate sonic qualities at an affordable price without sacrificing the quality of the materials used in this interconnect.  The GREEN 1 is the basic source interconnect AR Sound is offering.


The cable used to make this special interconnect has been carefully selected from many top quality cables being used in the Aerospace industries in order to achieve the highest possible standards.

The AR Sound Green 4 use a low capacitance wire (115pF/meter). Low capacitance is an important factor in selecting a proper interconnect.

The Green 4 cable contains two 22 AWG copper alloy balanced twisted pair wires with Teflon™ (PTFE) insulation and fully screened. (One Green cable for each channel. close up picture showing one of the two wires used for a single channel:)

The main pair of conductors in each GREEN 4 cable twisted to further enhance

RF rejection of the cable. first barrier avoiding RF noise from penetrating into the

cable is the Silver plated OFC copper screen and the secondary treatment is the

twisting of the internal pair.

The main pair of twisted conductors in each GREEN 4 cable is made of a special, aerospace grade copper alloy carefully selected after extensive listening tests for its superb sonic qualities and durability. the copper alloy wire comprises a silver content which allows for better bonding to the silver solder used to make this superb interconnect.

The interconnect insulation is made of  Teflon™ (PTFE), PTFE is the best insulation material used in the cables industry which has the lowest dielectric absorption.

Using Teflon™ (PTFE) as insulation is a prime consideration in Hi-End interconnects. Teflon maintains a low capacitance and very high resistance between the internal leads which keeps interaction between channels to minimum.

The low dielectric absorption of Teflon allow locating the main conductors in the GREEN 4 cable in very tight configuration- which renders the GREEN 4 very high bandwidth cable while maintaining a low capacitance. Yet another benefit is that Teflon also bonds very tightly to the metal conductors and prevents oxidation of the metal over the years. It is only the high cost of Teflon (PTFE) cables which leads manufactures to choose inferior plastics, such as PVC, as insulation.

Usually Teflon wires tend to have relatively long "Burn in" period, so it takes about 120 hours for the cable to sound at it best.

Teflon is also highly durable- actually you can put the AR Sound GREEN 4 in the oven at 180 Celsius degrees and nothing will happens to the lead! - except to the rubber gourmet of the XLR connector.

The GREEN 4 is a light weight interconnect.  While many manufacturers tend to sleeve their interconnects with a lot of rubber outside the conductors to keep its look more impressive, this cable's outside diameter is only 3.5mm but the signal conductors are 21AWG -0.72 mm diameter of copper alloy.

The PREH DIN connectors contacts are made of sliver plated brass and this ensures perfect metal bonding in the solder joint between the silver content of the signal wire of the GREEN, the silver plated connector pin and the WBT 4% silver Solder. The PREH DIN connectors have been proved for many years and had established their reputation for robust and reliable performance.

XLR connector used in the DIN4 to XLR version- is top quality NEUTRIK MC3MXB (Contact pins are 0.5 micron Gold plated Brass)

Directionality mark is added at the source side with the logo "AR Sound GREEN 4"

Technical specifications:

120 Centimetres of aerospace grade cable with shielded twisted pair balanced stereo pair cables, each main conductor contains 19 conductors of 34AWG silvered copper alloy stranded cable.

(total of 0.75 mm (1/32") diameter of copper-silver alloy pair conductors (21-22 AWG)) per each channel.

Primary conductors Insulation: 1/16" PTFE.

Shield: silver plated OFC copper. (92% converge)

Resistance: 48 milliohms/meter (14.6 milliohms/feet).

Capacitance: 112 pf/meter (Hot to screen).

Outside Diameter (nominal): 4 mm

External Jacket: FEP

External colour: Semi-transparent light green.

Sound Quality

The first thing you will notice is details you have missed before... It's like a curtain from the music that has removed.

The musical detailing flows effortlessly, in a natural manner, without any emphasis on any part of the audio frequency spectrum.

The bass region is clean, very fast and solid, free from distortion or time smears.

Superb sounding midrange frequencies - crisp detailed "sweet" vocals enable the listener to hear the singer's words easily.

High frequencies are rendered crystal clear, natural and glare free, while Brass instruments sounds become devoid of the harsh metallic sound common in many other interconnects.

The sound stage is wide and clear, with superb focus.


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