Following years of extensive listening tests ttop quality cables usein the aerospace

industries, The cable useto compose this exceptional interconnect, has been expertly selected

In order to achieve the highest possible standards employed by the Lunar interconnect.

The  Lunar Equilateral interconnect contains six 21 AWG main coppealloconductors.   

The main conductor's insulation is made of Teflon (PTFE) and fully screened in two layers:

This unique shielding structure ensures that the internal wires, carrying the delicate music signal receive total protection from external noise influences- RFI EMI. In sonic terms, the benefits are clearly defineagainst  the same  arrangement of cable without the secondary heavy braiding.

The multi layer configuration decreases the noise floor and enables the perception of even the most delicate nuances of live music.

Sound Quality

Pseudo balanced configuration: The screens on the Lunar cable serve as a genuine shield which directs the picked-up noise ta single point, thus avoiding the noise build up over the return path  conductor - a usual occurrence in unbalanceInterconnects.

The Lunar Equilateral employs three balanced and symmetrical cables construction (The name “Equilateral” refer to the resemblance of the cable structure- three identical internal twisted pairs -to the shape of Equilateral triangle). Two of the main conductors used for hot signal of each channel, while the third maiconductor used for return.

Triple RFI & EMI protection:

        A 99.5% coverage which ensures full protection from RFI & EMI.

The main twisted pairs conductors in each of the internal cables constructing the Lunar, is made of a special,  aerospace grade copper alloy carefully selected after extensive listening tests for its superb sonic qualities and durability. Unlike regular copper wires which tend to deteriorate to some degree after bending, the special alloy maintains its metal structure.


This unique copper alloy has a supreme resistance to oxidation, which ensures the cable's longevity and long term performance quality. In addition, the copper alloy wire comprises a silver content which allows for better bonding to the special high purity tin solder (with 6.4% silver and copper content) used to make this superb interconnect.

The interconnect insulation is made of Teflon™ (PTFE), PTFE is the best insulation material used in the cables industry which has the lowest dielectric absorption.


Using Teflon™ (PTFE) as insulation is a prime consideration in Hi-End interconnects. Teflon maintains an extremely low capacitance and high resistance between the internal leads respectively, which keeps the interaction between channels to a minimum. 

The low dielectric absorption of Teflon allows locating the main conductors in the Lunar cable in a very tight configuration - which renders the Lunar a very high bandwidth cable while maintaining a low capacitance. Yet another benefit is that Teflon also bonds very tightly to the metal conductors and prevents the oxidation of the metal over the years. It is only the high cost of Teflon (PTFE) cables which leads manufactures to choose inferior plastics, such as PVC, for insulation.

Teflon is also highly durable and can withstand extreme temperatures variations and mechanical pressure conditions without any risk of deterioration.

The PTFE chosen for the Lunar is the extruded rather than the foamed type, since the former is much more robust and maintains the cable structure through cable bending and other mechanical pressures. All this benefits mean that (Baring severe abuse) the Lunar will not suffer any wear or depletion in sound quality or over many years of usage.   

The PREH DIN connectors are filled with a special anti-resonant polymer, selected carefully after listening tests to many damping polymers. The anti-resonant polymer acts as a barrier to reduce the airborne conduction noise from the cable to the connected equipment. The polymer also helps with dampening the plug's resonances and ringing reduction.

The PREH DIN plug used in the Lunar Equilateral is drilled in order to accommodate the thickness Of the new cable.  

The Lunar Equilateral is directional:  The source side is marked with the logo "AR Sound Lunar"




    The most protected music signal delivery available with DIN interconnect -Lunar Equilateral




Technical specifications:

Main conductors:

100 Cm of three 21-22 AWG twisted pairs, Each pair fully screened

(A total of 1.68 mm square cut for each channel).

primary conductors: copper alloy stranded wires (with silver content).

primary conductors Insulation: 1/16" PTFE.

Shielding system:

Internal shields: silver plated OFC copper braids - three separate shields (hot and return)

External shield: heavy braid 10 AWG of tinned copper.

Resistance: 8 milliohms/feet.

Capacitance: 67 pF/feet (hot to return for each channel).

External Jacket: Fibreglass Polyurethane impregnated.

Outside Diameter: ~9.5 mm

External colour: White.

Sound Quality

The Lunar offers a highly open and transparent sound signature with a very deep bass, while highs become extremely natural and crystal clear. It allows for a clean, very fast and solid bass region, free from distortion or time smears.

The multi layer shielding produces an extraordinary dynamic range:

-  Exceptionally low noise enables the perception of even the most delicate nuances apparent in live music. In Forte passages the music blooms and opens with a huge dynamic range exhibited by the Interconnect.

-  The musical detailing flows effortlessly, in a natural manner, without any emphasis on any part of the frequency audio spectrum. The Lunar exhibits a spectacular sound stage and depth which enables the ear to pinpoint the voices and instruments in the orchestra.

- Superb sounding Mid frequencies - crisp detailed "sweet" vocals enable the listener to hear the correct phrasing and intonation. High frequencies are clear, natural and glare free, while natural brass instruments sounds become devoid of the harsh metallic sound common in many other interconnects.


Top Technology:

Top Protected music signal delivery:


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In a nutshell: The New Lunar Equilateral versus the standard version of Lunar DIN:

 The Equilateral is a new cable placed under the Lunar family, offering a new level of music experience.

 Your music will sound better then ever:

 Improved construction:

 The construction is more similar to Lunar RCA (Lunar RCA use a pair of lunar cables while the Equilateral use one    and a half Lunars with improved external shield placed under a single jacket).

             Lunar EQ case

             (DIN 1m displayed)

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